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Dr. Murray is the Team Chiropractor for a local High School Track & Field Team, the Grandview (Missouri) Bulldogs. Since 2012, Dr. Murray has provided chiropractic care and treatment to almost all of these student-athletes, both at the high school, in his office, and at track side. The team has won the Missouri State High School Track & Field Team Championship 6 years in a row. Dr. Murray also provides care to wrestlers, the Missouri State High School 2018 Basketball Champions, baseball players, football players, and soccer athletes. Oh, yes, the coaches also!

Dozens of these athletes have won Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals at the Missouri State High School Championships. Many received athletic scholarships for their efforts, and one former patient is a 2018 NCAA Gold Medalist in one of the running events.

Chiropractic care is essential for top performance on the track, and for all athletes. Almost every major professional sports team has one or more chiropractors on their staff. And for good reason. If million-dollar athletes know what is good for them, it must be good for your student-athlete also.

Chiropractic care can and does prevent injuries, such as hamstring pulls and tears, quadriceps injuries, ankle sprains, and more.

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